Mike has developed and delivered many training courses over his career and has a reputation for making material entertaining and engaging. He is happy to tailor courses to specific needs.

For example,  Mike has conducted workshops ‘Assuring jet fuel quality in the supply chain’ covering fuel specifications, quality assurance and traceability in detail.  The material is summarised in an article Mike first published in the Armbrust Jet Fuel Report.

Clearly, everyone involved in the supply and use of aviation fuel wants it to be ‘fit for purpose’ but exactly what is ‘fit for purpose’ and how do we assure it? Fit for purpose must be more than just ‘meeting spec parameters’ because there are examples of fuels that have met the specification values but have subsequently caused operational problems. So, if the numbers are not enough, what is? This article describes the system that has evolved for assuring aviation fuels are fit for purpose wherever they are picked up. It is based on the triumvirate of meeting specification, traceability and quality assurance. Read more…

The workshops are aimed particularly at fuel buyers, traders, fuel suppliers, terminal operators and laboratory managers who want to learn more, understand the risks and avoid making costly mistakes.

Mike also teaches the IATA Fuel Management Essentials Course, see this link for more information. 

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